Most Important Product Groups


Studs In those areas where bolt heads are a hindrance in design & construction, studs are the solution of choice. Often enough special designs call for studs which diverge from standard norms. We can deliver these customized studs even in small to medium sized lots economically using either a stamping technique from coiled wire or by using a turning type technology.


Waisted Studs

Waisted Studs As a close relative of the stud family, waisted studs (studs with reduced shank) are designed to absorb and compensate alternating mechanical and thermic influences without any loss of torque or elasticity. This product profile is especially called for cylinder heads in engine constructions. Pre - production heat and surface treatment are used in order to avoid the distortions in longer waisted studs which arise from post-production heat treatment (coaxiality!). Our waisted studs accord to german metric standard (DIN) as well as according to client spefications and drawings in diameters reaching from M 4 to M 30 and in lengths of up to one meter. 4- or 6-cornered shafts as well as specific stamps according to customer specifications are possible, too.



Pins A further area of expertise is the production of pins (clevis pins) with or without heads, with or without pin holes. Our pins are of all sorts of sizes and qualities either by stamping or turning technology.


Custom Designed Fasteners

Custom Designed Fasteners Modern production facilities and extensive know-how are the reliable foundation for the production of many different types of specialized screws and fasteners. In general, the fasteners and screws may be produced using either a turning or stamping method. We deliver fasteners and screws in all sorts qualities and from all sorts of raw materials. We are also capable of producing specialized threadings such as left-right threadings. We assist our end users in their own pre-production design and construction phases in order to ensure that the fastening solution finds it´s best suit to their intended application. The special screws are also a part of our product spectrum and can be produced with slits or internal settings. Depending on the designated application, they may be produced with regulated or precision threaded and coated accordance. The ball head is hardened by induction.


All common materials are processed such as coated steel, pre-coated material, rust or corrosion - resistant steel or materials designed to withstand cold or heat, as well as other special materials. Additionally steel according to ADW 2, ADW 7 as well as TRD 106 and ASTM can be used.

According to customer's requests, all usual surface treatments can be executed.