Ductile Cast Iron

The basic material ductile cast iron (spheroidal graphite) contains the sorts GJS-350-22 (GGG-35.3) to GJS-800-2 (GGG-80). Their qualities result of different formations of the metallic ground mass, that is from ferrite over ferrite/pearlite and pearlite up to blloming joinings. The chemical compounding is just conotative for production in most cases. To get specific qualities it can be necessary taht some elements exist in calculated amounts. The cipher at the sort description complies with the minimum tensile strength in the separate casted test piece.

GJS-350-22 (GGG-35.3)

Special materials with assured impact durability even at low temperatures. Clean ferrite matrix. Changeover to refractory breakage not until –40°C or rather –20°C. Highest assurance against sudden breakdown at abrupt and speedy conditions. Excellent machinability.


Safety parts of all sorts e.g. car parts, armatures, pumps and machine parts for charge at low temperatures outdoors and at the process engineering, parts for pressure containers und high pressure hydraulics.


Ferrite matrix. Good expansions. Good impact durability. Good creeping strength at high temeratures. Very good machining.


Usable in all sorts of applications where durability has highest priority. Even in place of welded assemlies or forgings. E.g. for pressure containers, governor housings, armatures, cylinders, retorts, car parts like brake calipers and gear housings, hydraulic parts, crankcases, blower buckets, fittings as well as parts for agricultural machines.


Ferrite-pearlite matrix. Average expansion. Good tensile strength and elastic limit. Good friction resistance even possible for surface hardening. Good machining.


Due to combination of elastic limit, durability and hardness versatile applicable. E.g. for gear wheels, crankshafts, bending tools, rotor discs, extender wheels, vibrating tables, hydraulic parts, wheel hubs and compensating gearbox housings as well as parts for car-, motor-, gear and armature constructions.

GJS-600-3 (GGG-60)

Predominantly pearlite matrix. High tensile strength and elastic limit, related with high durability. High revolvability. Good surface hardening up to 60 HRC.


For applications with inflexible constructions, good endurance strength and fortunate consumables. E.g. gear wheels, planet carriers, crankshafts and camshafts, bearing covers, cylinders for compressors, drums, hydraulic cylinders, cam discs, pipe dies and bending tools.

GJS 700-2

Pearlite matrix. High tensile strength and elastic limit. Especially good hardenability. High revolving strength, especially after surface hardening. High consumable strength. At this adequate machining. Better performance after blooming.


Application at common engineering for high static loading and continous stress even as stress consumables. E.g. gear wheels, heavy bending tools, depressions, bracing drones, drums, die casting borders, crank shafts for cars and small to average diesel motors, other motors parts and parts for tool machines.

GJS-800-2 (GGG80)

Pearlite-sorbite matrix, generally heat-treated. High elastic limit. Good durability. Brilliant consumable strength. Brilliant hardenability.


Parts with special high requirements at elastic limit und consumable strength. E.g. pressure housings of sythetical die casting machines, cross heads for aluminum extruders, pins for belling of tubes, guiding pulleys for drums, parts for mills and breakers and radial cams.

Scaled graphite cast iron

Scaled graphite cast iron is a material which is produced due to spezial methods and instructions. Adverse to common cast iron it stands out with lower sensibility against wall thickness and common narrow tolerances of it´s attributes. According to it´s requirements it is applicable for applications with following requirements: Adequate consistency, pressure density, low tendencies to warp and good power of endurance at low receivables of durability.

Typical applications are:

- Common engineering: Tool machines, printing machines, building machines, textile machines, etc.

- Hydraulic aggregates: Motors, pumps and control valves

- Pumps and compressors

- Armatures for gas, water and chemical industry

- Motors- and car engineering

- Gear boxes and couplers

- Form tools and compression molds

The material group of scaled graphite cast iron contains of five sorts GG15 to GG35, at which the balance point of the application lies at the sorts GG20 to GG30. GG15 is used major for thin walled and light castings. GG35 is used for special requirements. Concerning to this an overlap of the tensile strength of GGG-35.3 to GGG-40.3 is asserted. But there are differences related to the products breaking strain, hardness and other qualities that have to be considered at the choice of the sort. Basically it is to bear at the choice of the sort inside a group that some attributes like durability affect to the attributes of the same sort in different way. E.g. increasing tensile strength can increase hardeness, too. The material even can be machined well after altering the attributes.


The matrix is perlite-ferrite and without edge hardness. For this that sort should be used especially for small parts with wall thicknesses from 2.5mm on. Because of it´s minor hardness GF150 can be well machined.


Small armatures, bearing inserts, scale housings, parts for typewriters and sewing machines, small parts for textile machines.


This sort is commonly used for small parts with wall thicknesses from 5.0mm on. The smooth and consistent matrix contains small ferrite dues and can be machined very easy. The differences in the matrix of each part are very low.


Electric motors housings, control gear housings, car drive housings, pump rotors, hauling cylinders, bearing shields, bearing covers.


The favoured application areas of this sort are cast irons with wall thicknesses over 10.0mm. Matrix is perlite and hardenable.


Parts for tool machines, housings for gear boxes, pump and hydraulic aggregates, small gear wheels, clutch discs, brake drums, armatures.


This high quality sort offers high tensile strength, good consumable strength and high damping capacity. Machining from 20.0 and on can be well done. The clean perlite matrix assures superior hardenability up to about 550HB, e.g. cast on guideways of tool machines. Because of it´s minor wall thickness sensitivity the material is the perfect for pressurized cast.


Parts of tool machines, gear box housings, big pump housings, parts for diesel motors, big gear wheels and fly wheels.


This low alloyed sort of cast contains of a smooth sorbite-ferrite matrix and exhibits very good mechanical attributes. In some cases it can be used for replacing forged steel or casted steel. At wall thicknesses over 40.0mm machining is good. Harenability and tempering are superior.


Crank shafts for compressors, forging and molding dies, cylinder heads for ship´s engines, mandrels, heavy gear wheels, high pressure valve housings.