From Nature in Application for you

Features of aluminum are it´s weight at concurrent high resistance, it´s good conductance of electricity and warmth, it´s special durability against corrosion among others against water or chemicals as well as it´s excellent recyclability. Aluminum is harmless to health and occurs in assembly with different elements in nature. Even in baking powder, cheese or toothpaste are bear traces of aluminum.

Universal Material with many good Attributes

Aluminum stands for useful, reliable and confident products and is insterted in versatile forms and functions:


Traffic Sector

Alufelgen Aluminum here has it´s priorities in light weight constructions of cars, utility vehicles, planes, trains and ships. It embraces interior, bodies, motor blocks, cylinder heads, hatchbacks, doors, rims and much more. Just through the consistent insertion of aluminum it would be possible to economize 1.3 liters of fuel on 100 kilometers at all cars. Balance would be eve better at utility vehicles, because the carrying capacity increases through decreasing dead weight.


Building Industry

Architektur Architects, developer and constructors lean on aluminum. No matter if it is about windows and doors, facade covering, roof and wall systems, coating, knobs, gratings, aluminum foil for warmth isolation and so on. Aluminum delivers important advantages because of it´s functional and coeval aesthetic appealing properties in building and operating estates.


Electrical Engineering

Elektrotechnik Bodies of aluminum that optimal deflect warmth, conductors that because of their legerity can be used in impassable areas or coils in transformers that make an engine more efficient. Aluminum offers many advantages in electronics, electro and ari conditioning systems.


Packaging Sector

In packaging aluminum is a real all-rounder: It protects edibles and chemical compounds against quality decreasing effects. Beyond that the deployment of aluminum allows space saving transports.



Industrial robots and machines achieve their precision and flexibility not at least because of their light chassis of the components and devices. Machine elements that are primarily built of cast iron and forgings as well as aluminum sheets thus accelerate production processess.


Design, Household and Spare Time

No matter if piton, bike, camping equipment, furniture design, kettles, pans, eating irons, lamps, picture frames or board grips - aluminum produces quality without compromise functionality.


Aluminum in Engineering

Material for Precision and Rapidness

Machine and plant construction is an important stand of the economic system. Aluminum here play a great role because industrial robots and machines just achieve their maximum precision and flexibility if the used material complies with the high requirements on versatility, stability and lightness. Aluminum here is the best choice and belongs to the favoured materials. With good cause.

Highest Funtionality – for more Efficiency

Strangpressprofil The lightness of aluminum allows faster actions of machines and robots. For this machine and plant manufacturers achieve faster execution speeds that pay out positive in production through the application of aluminum.

The almost infinite latitude of profile design allows it to realize application optimized but nevertheless low cost elements.Extruded aluminum sheath feature over additional integrated functions, for example, for that channels for compressed air and cooler lubrication installations or exhauster systems can be put in the profile directly.


Innovations in Aluminum – for highest Precision

Motorblock For the production of papers the printing industry uses lithographs of high quality aluminum bands without exception. These bands are characterized through faultless surfaces and brilliant adhesion behavior. This is the only way to achieve a high life span in press working. The effect of intensive enhancements in this domain is the cleanest, strongest and most durable alloy for printing boards that is on the market presently.

It is possible to get extreme low tolerances at the production of machines and constructions with aluminum. Investment casting allows the compliance of narrowest tolerances on complex geometry and therefore it is especially suitable for crankcases, compressors or pump rotors. Best quality for ambitious machines and constructions.


Robust and durable – for save Investments

Although very light aluminum is a very robust material. With the available compositions the resistance, the corrosion resistance and the serviceable life can be tuned to the intended function. Aluminum is such a reliable and durable material that producers and users can rely on it.

Ecologically reasonable and effective

Machine parts of aluminum reduce the total weight. For this the energy input is lowered for operating of machines und saves fuel already at the supply.

Even after it´s expiration of use aluminum plays out it´s advantages because all parts of aluminum are ressource gentle, able to recycle lossless and can be lead to new applications.